Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Four years

I don't really write here very much. In fact, it's been over four years since my last post. I don't think anyone even knows anymore who is behind this blog.... I could not find it myself for a while. Had to google it. A perfect anonymity? Is it possible today? Or are there tails that will lead to my real identity? Time will tell.

Why silent for so long? I was busy staying alive. Moved to suburbs, and two days later diagnosed with cancer. No, not a bad cancer... it was a "baby cancer", it was supposed to be all over in just few months, but shitluck, like always... 6 surgeries in year and half, too many complications to count, months and months of packing wounds. Internal bleeding that almost killed me. Dramarama.

And now looking for job. Because jobs don't wait for you while you are sick. Neither does life.

Maybe I will post again, about job market heartbreaks. Or about breast cancer. Or about something else, entirely unrelated. Or maybe I'll go back to being silent. After all, no one can hurt you if they don't know you, can they?