Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Violence, Justice and Integrity

Last night in Oakland police acted as if they were at war with citizens of their own town. They fired rubber bullets and tear gas. They gassed people in wheel chairs, journalists, those who were just trying to help the injured. They put their helmets on, riot gear ready, and charged as it they are a demolition team. I watched it over the internet, horrified by what I was seeing.

The scenes on the screen reminded me of violence in Serbia during Milosevic, violence at Tahir Square, violence in many other Arab countries. I could not stop thinking if American Fall will turn into an Arab Spring, not by achieving democratic changes, but by shedding the blood of those dared to challenge status quo, of those who dared to dream of equality, of those who dared to think that they can make world a better place.

I wonder sometimes what the cops who were arresting civil rights movement protesters tell their children, or grandchildren, about what they did.
I also wonder what the cops who are arresting "occupy" protesters will tell their children. How will they justify using violence against peaceful protesters, who promoted social justice and democracy?

"I was just following the orders."
We heard that already.

I wonder how and when does one chose between the orders and her integrity. I wonder if there were any police officers, in the last 5 weeks, who said "I will NOT follow that order."

I hope there were and I hope there will be.

Because without hope there is no future.

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